Is your Social Media Marketing strategy working?

17 Apr

Both SME and industry giants have to a large extent turned their attention (and financial investment) towards Social Media. Social network Marketing (or SMM) has actually become an industry of its own as a bi-product of marketing itself. Companies are convinced that Social Media will ultimately provide revenue, this is typically the case, there’s no disputing that SMM has remarkable potential to attract profits however importantly the technique has to be provided correctly.

Lately businesses hesitated to invest money and time in social media, now even the most stubborn “old-fashioned” business guy or woman will discover it tough to contest its capacity.

Data show only 6 % of companies believe SMM is a wild-goose chase that will not result in a Return on Financial investment (ROI).

In this post we’ll look at companies mindsets towards social networks in 2013 and what exactly makes an effective SMM method.

For example 64 % of companies are confident that their existing SMM strategy will provide a return on their financial investment. This implies that most of businesses in the twenty first century believe in the potential of social networks to market their products or services, they also believe that the strategy they are currently making use of will lead to income.

Plainly most businesses out there are confident, but how exactly can you measure the “success” of a social networks method? You’ll need to take many consider to account including;.

Sharing, forwarding, retweeting and commenting.
Check outs to your page.
Boosts in Sales.
General Brand awareness.

Luckily for you we’ve got some ideas to discover how effective your approach actually is.

Try gauging the effectiveness of your various social networks collectively and individually to see what strategy is helping you the most, exactly what’s producing the most traffic, profits and interaction. It’s possible you’ll get even more interaction from your 1000 Twitter followers than your 5000 Facebook followers for example.
Track the number of views to your website come through Social networking and the number of cause any sort of conversion.
Screen the behavior of your isolated social media traffic, explore how social media “leads” enter, explore and spend time on your page. Are they just passing by or researching exactly what your business delivers.

For more details on Social media and the best ways to execute your SMM strategy and the perks social media can generate through traffic and revenue visit


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