A History of Google

18 Apr

A short history of Google and its development from online search engine to tech titan.

Google has a monopoly over the online search engine market, details of its prominence array from having a 65 % to 80 % share of the search sector, however the Google brand name has come a long way ever since and it has now broadened to turned into one of the world’s most popular brand names.

The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin whilst at college (who still have around 16 % of the business) with the objective “to arrange the world’s instructions and make it universally accessible and helpful”.

Working as a search engine it fought off competitors from the likes of Ask Jeeves, Yahoo and more recently Bing.

Google’s rapid growth has triggered a range of items and acquisitions along the way, for example one of its significant acquisitions was YouTube in November 2006 for over one billion pounds, which indicated its intent to become more than a simple search engine.

Last year Google made around $50 billion dollars in revenue, a boost on the previous year.

The company is now far more than an online search engine.

It now offers a varied range of services;.

Google plus: This is the site’s attempt to make inroads in to the social media networking sector which is mostly controlled largely by Facebook and more recently Twitter. Google+ has actually made a substantial impact nevertheless and now it includes more than 500 million signed up individuals.

Gmail: As of June 2012, Google’s mail service is the most extensively utilized web-based email supplier with over 400 million individuals worldwide with a bigger capability than many of its competitors consisting of Hotmail.

Google also provides many various other services including an office suite and desktop computer services.

One of the more substantial advancement lately has actually been the business’s venture in to the tech market.

Google has now extended its services in to mobile innovation, with the development of the Android mobile operating system. Android mobile gadgets have made a substantial influence on the smartphone market although it is still inferior in regards to profits when compared with Apple.

The company now has its own product in the desktop and desktop computer market, the Chromebook runs on its own Google Chrome OS operating system and has actually become a popular and affordable product.

Google now leads the marketplace in establishing the first “augmented reality mounted display”, titled Google Glass. This head-mounted screen device will permit the user to link to a computer and the web without the have to use his/her hands.

This futuristic advancement is one of the first of its kind and signals Google’s objective to develop previously intangible modern technology.

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