Social Media Outsourcing Horror Stories and How to Prevent them

19 Apr

Businesses have had to become aware of social media and its potential as an online marketing strategy. Few businesses feel as though pursuing a social media strategy would be a waste of time and resources as the process is proven to bring results.

There is a debate however on whether it’s necessary to outsource the process to company that has more experience in the field. However many companies have found problems with the process, particularly when outsourcing offshore.

There have been many high profile social media disasters that have caught the attention of the media, auto manufacturer Chrysler infamously Tweeted an insulting message about the people of Detroit (expletives included), where the company had to immediately apologise.

Celeb Boutique also outsourced their social media accounts to a company overseas which accidentally hashtagged the phrase #Aurora during the shootings in Colorado which offended many members of the public and the victims of the disaster.

As you can see outsourcing to the wrong partner can have potentially disastrous repercussions, all it takes is one individual to severely damage a company’s brand image.

To manage the Social Media accounts of another brand it’s often a distinct advantage have an excellent knowledge of the company and the service they provide, when outsourcing the process offshore communication is often compromised and there’s always the cultural difference as well as the time-difference to consider.

It can be difficult for an outsourcing partner to be in tuned with day to day events as illustrated by the Celeb Boutique incident, the outsourcing company would have been largely unaware of the horrific events going on in the United States at the time.

There is an element of security that’s sacrificed when the outsourcing process is taken offshore particularly as far as social media and online marketing is concerned, although businesses can easily benefit from the outsourcing process it’s often worthwhile looking for partner’s closer to home who have a better understanding of the market and a better concept of brand identity.

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