UK banks face more payouts because of mis-sold mortgages

19 Apr

Banks in the United Kingdom are facing more payouts to the British public after research found that numerous banks had mis-sold unnecessary interest-rate hedging items to small and medium sized companies.

The UK’s monetary guard dog the FSA (Financial Services Authority) have found that over 90 % of the 173 interest-rate swap test cases did not abide by regulatory agreements set out by the company.

This is the latest information in a series of costly setbacks for British banks after numerous insurance strategies were mis-sold on home loans and loans.

These breaches of FSA standards have become commonplace in the financial sector after banks were forced to set aside millions of pounds to compensate for mis-sold Repayment Defense Insurance (PPI).

The FSA has stated that compensation is due for the previously mentioned products sold to lots of small businesses. Barclays, HSBC, RBS and Lloyds have been negativelied affecting by these claims and have reserved millions to pay back businesses throughout the UK.

These specific ‘rate-swap’ items were supposedly produced to secure companies against an increase in rate of interest, however when these rates reduced they were forced to pay considerable costs.

The FSA has claimed that over forty 40,000 of these suspicious products have been mis-sold to small businesses. This is partially due to the aggressive sales culture urged by banks where their own staff are frequently pressed to strike targets on a continuous basis.

This particular study carried out by the Financial Services Authority was launched last year after it found exactly what it described as ‘serious failings’ in lots of banks’ approach to selling products.

The FSA clarified that it has actually now altered the policies and policies that allow firms to target small businesses, these businesses are believed to frequently misunderstand the nature of the items that are sold to them and are prone to being mis-sold possibly devastating products.

It’s been recommended that banks have actually continually attempted to capitalize on the susceptibility of small companies who are uninformed of exactly what they’re really purchasing, small companies are likewise extremely unlikely to have their own legal division or legal proficiency.

As a result banks will need to set aside much more cash, to compensate for these fraudulent items.

Have you been mis-sold a mortgage?

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