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Three reasons to blog

22 Apr

Many companies have popular blog sites, if your business does not have a blog then I suggest you ought to read on.

Have you ever before wondered why companies urge time and resources to be spent routinely updating their blog sites?

Blogging actually came to prominence in the early days of the internet, initially as a method to provide a means to share unique ideas and info, this is still the case for blog writers and journalists alike.

There are numerous advantages to having a blog, we’ll look to describe some of the advantages in this blog …

1. SEO Rankings

Blogging Matters-Just ask Google

Unbeknownst to some people blogging can benefit your SEO rankings, Google wants to rank websites that regularly upgrade and contribute brand-new content.

Blogging is among the very best methods to do this, after all there is only so much you can edit and update static pages on your website without confusing the customer.

Google puts focus on keywords, through using a blog you can share details that targets these keywords in order to improve your position on a search engine’s SERPs.

Suggestion; Always keep in mind to SEO optimize your blog posts to target a keyword pertinent to your business.

2. Hook your audience

A blog offers your audience a reason to revisit your website, directing traffic to your page at the same time. Some will see your website purely to read the material on your blog, so bear this in mind.

3. Free Advertising

By building your credibility as a ‘blog writer’ you market yourself at the same time, being recognized as an author that contributes useful info can potentially increase your netowrk, in the process you’ll extend your network on websites like Google+, Twitter and Linkedin.

Blogging is cost-free, even if you’re not getting the kind of traffic you ‘d like, at least you’re adding pages and info to your site that will enhance the experience for the user.

Here’s a great example of a regularly updated blog with useful information >


How to write a blog?

19 Apr

If you’re an aspiring blogger it can in some cases be hard to find the motivation and the determination to start writing. Whether you’re writing for a business or a personal narrative finding the right topic is necessary, this is why we’ve prepared a blog site to direct you through the writing process and the best ways to discover the best topic to write about.

Before you even put pen to paper (or fingers to key-board in modern writing) you should have an idea about exactly people will be expecting from your content, why they visit your blog site and the kind of market your material brings in.

My Audience:.

This will obviously depend on your topic, if your writing is orientated to the Business and/or Marketing sector, you can easily estimate that your material will bring in anyone from young people to the middle aged. With this market you’ll need to take in to account individuals from a varied variety of backgrounds in a number of occupancies, from start-up blog writers, SEO specialists, web designers to business execs.

Your audience is possibly the most significant aspect to take in to account, in order to cater your content near your target demographic it’s important to find out exactly what type of content brings in the most engagement and the most traffic.

With Google Analytics you can find out who’s visiting your site and where they’re leaving your page.

Pay very close attention to your bounce rate as well the engagement you receive from your material, engagement is a signal that your topic has posed an interesting concern or idea.

From a practical point of view, why not compile a list of your 10 most popular blog sites to see exactly what’s driving traffic to your website and exactly what individuals are keen to go over, you can constantly ask your reader’s for more feedback on what they’re discovering interesting and helpful.

Discovering Inspiration:.

Great topics aren’t easy to come by, even for professional writers and bloggers. Finding the right subject can be the trickiest element of blogging.

Writing material isn’t necessarily developing a unique concept, you can produce content just by seeing exactly what’s out there, looking at instances and putting your very own spin on a subject rather than developing it yourself. This type of writing is called a Curated Article.

Whatever your strategy, producing content is a key aspect of online marketing.

For a good example of an active blog take a look at this website,

A History of Google

18 Apr

A short history of Google and its development from online search engine to tech titan.

Google has a monopoly over the online search engine market, details of its prominence array from having a 65 % to 80 % share of the search sector, however the Google brand name has come a long way ever since and it has now broadened to turned into one of the world’s most popular brand names.

The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin whilst at college (who still have around 16 % of the business) with the objective “to arrange the world’s instructions and make it universally accessible and helpful”.

Working as a search engine it fought off competitors from the likes of Ask Jeeves, Yahoo and more recently Bing.

Google’s rapid growth has triggered a range of items and acquisitions along the way, for example one of its significant acquisitions was YouTube in November 2006 for over one billion pounds, which indicated its intent to become more than a simple search engine.

Last year Google made around $50 billion dollars in revenue, a boost on the previous year.

The company is now far more than an online search engine.

It now offers a varied range of services;.

Google plus: This is the site’s attempt to make inroads in to the social media networking sector which is mostly controlled largely by Facebook and more recently Twitter. Google+ has actually made a substantial impact nevertheless and now it includes more than 500 million signed up individuals.

Gmail: As of June 2012, Google’s mail service is the most extensively utilized web-based email supplier with over 400 million individuals worldwide with a bigger capability than many of its competitors consisting of Hotmail.

Google also provides many various other services including an office suite and desktop computer services.

One of the more substantial advancement lately has actually been the business’s venture in to the tech market.

Google has now extended its services in to mobile innovation, with the development of the Android mobile operating system. Android mobile gadgets have made a substantial influence on the smartphone market although it is still inferior in regards to profits when compared with Apple.

The company now has its own product in the desktop and desktop computer market, the Chromebook runs on its own Google Chrome OS operating system and has actually become a popular and affordable product.

Google now leads the marketplace in establishing the first “augmented reality mounted display”, titled Google Glass. This head-mounted screen device will permit the user to link to a computer and the web without the have to use his/her hands.

This futuristic advancement is one of the first of its kind and signals Google’s objective to develop previously intangible modern technology. A useful blog for business and marketing

Is your Social Media Marketing strategy working?

17 Apr

Both SME and industry giants have to a large extent turned their attention (and financial investment) towards Social Media. Social network Marketing (or SMM) has actually become an industry of its own as a bi-product of marketing itself. Companies are convinced that Social Media will ultimately provide revenue, this is typically the case, there’s no disputing that SMM has remarkable potential to attract profits however importantly the technique has to be provided correctly.

Lately businesses hesitated to invest money and time in social media, now even the most stubborn “old-fashioned” business guy or woman will discover it tough to contest its capacity.

Data show only 6 % of companies believe SMM is a wild-goose chase that will not result in a Return on Financial investment (ROI).

In this post we’ll look at companies mindsets towards social networks in 2013 and what exactly makes an effective SMM method.

For example 64 % of companies are confident that their existing SMM strategy will provide a return on their financial investment. This implies that most of businesses in the twenty first century believe in the potential of social networks to market their products or services, they also believe that the strategy they are currently making use of will lead to income.

Plainly most businesses out there are confident, but how exactly can you measure the “success” of a social networks method? You’ll need to take many consider to account including;.

Sharing, forwarding, retweeting and commenting.
Check outs to your page.
Boosts in Sales.
General Brand awareness.

Luckily for you we’ve got some ideas to discover how effective your approach actually is.

Try gauging the effectiveness of your various social networks collectively and individually to see what strategy is helping you the most, exactly what’s producing the most traffic, profits and interaction. It’s possible you’ll get even more interaction from your 1000 Twitter followers than your 5000 Facebook followers for example.
Track the number of views to your website come through Social networking and the number of cause any sort of conversion.
Screen the behavior of your isolated social media traffic, explore how social media “leads” enter, explore and spend time on your page. Are they just passing by or researching exactly what your business delivers.

For more details on Social media and the best ways to execute your SMM strategy and the perks social media can generate through traffic and revenue visit