The end of the Financial Services Authority, What does this mean for financial firms?

18 Apr

The FSA is set to be eradicated in April, what effect will this have on the financial services market, if any?

A quick history of the FSA

The judicial body is responsible for controlling the monetary services market, although it runs individually of the government, its members are selected by the government.

Formed in 1985, the FSA is structured as a company restricted by guarantee and is funded completely by costs charged to the finance industry, it presently utilizes almost four thousand staff members.

It exercises its powers based on the Financial Solutions and Markets act of 2000, in addition to managing the activities of banks, insurance companies and monetary advisers the authority also controls the financing of mortgages by major financial firms.


Chancellor the Exchequer, George Osbourne revealed plans to re-organise the service, basically eliminating it by separating its services between a variety of agencies as well as the Bank of England.

On the first of April this year the FSA will be removed and replaced by a new regulatory regime. The government suggested that this choice was based upon the authority’s failure to deal with the monetary crisis in recent years.

According to the government the governing body will have boosted powers over the financial sector, this is largely due to demands by the public for tighter restrictions to be placed on the task of the banks.

Whether these brand-new regulating bodies will have the preferred impact continues to be to be seen, it will certainly be interesting to see how these brand-new authorities will deal with claims against monetary services over the mis-selling of payment protection insurance and the recent interest-only loans.

These new governing authorities will be under pressure to enhance on previous results and take swifter and more serious action against the mis-selling of items by different major financial authorities.

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Is your business covering all bases?

18 Apr

We take a look at the holistic approach to online advertising and its perks
Numerous businesses fall in to the trap of relying on one facet of Online Marketing instead of taking a holistic approach to the process. Now having a specialty is always an advantages, however being heavily based on one strategy is certainly an unnecessary risk to take for your business.

A method that relies too heavily upon SEO for example, will leave your business prone to prospective modifications in Google’s algorithm in the future; numerous companies have discovered that an Online Marketing strategy with a single focus on one element of SEO can be incredibly high-risk, many businesses have fallen victim to changes in Google’s algorithm.

By taking a holistic approach you are decreasing the risk of your strategy becoming one-dimensional and susceptible to changes in the online advertising world
To protect your company against environmental elements, it is a good idea to have each and every facet of your online marketing technique working efficiently in tangent; in turn Google will enhance the worth it places on your material and you will see your authority ranking climb
Covering all the bases:
If you’re questioning exactly what the complete degree of the Online Advertising spectrum is, it can be broken in to 3 main groups
Online search engine Optimisation (SEO): This is the process of increasing your online presence by optimising the material on your site or with your blog site; essentially in an effort to appeal to the algorithms of any provided online search engine, largely through Google
In principle the aim of an SEO campaign is to get the pages on your website as high as possible within a search engine’s outcomes page (SERP). Getting on to Google’s front page for a particular keyword symbolizes a potential gold mine for any company as far as traffic and revenue is concerned
Frequently a company can over-rely on one element of the process, such as link structure or on-page SEO, it’s worth discussing that search engine’s wish to rank content that’s intriguing and helpful to its users and not stuffed with keywords for example
Social Media Marketing (SMM): It’s tough to contest the perks of Social network Advertising, businesses can gain access to an enormous audience without financial investment, this is why lots of businesses from sector giants to SME companies can capitalize on social media
Workings can share information, engage with clients and build brand name image all through using a social networking website
It’s recommended to cast the net as broad as possible with regards to social networks, focusing on as many of the most significant social networking websites to include:
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube as well as other more conventional websites such as Pinterest and Tumblr
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): This is an internet advertising model utilized to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher when the advert is clicked
Advertisers will typically bid on keyword or key phrases that are relevant and beneficial to their brand as well as their target group
As with the various other two approaches of Online Marketing, it is essential to cast the net as wide as possible looking at the majority of the most preferred approaches (finances allowing), consisting of Google Adwords, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Stumbleupon marketing
Various other Notable Strategies: Press Releases, Email Marketing, SMS Advertising and Blogging
By disregarding any among these pointed out significant facets of online advertising, you’re basically limiting the potential traffic and profits you drive to your webpage
If your business doesn’t have the knowledge or the resources to execute these methods, then it could be necessary to outsource the process; a company with the required level of experience, understanding and workforce can manage social networks accounts, Pay Per Click advertising campaigns and optimise your website for search engine functions
Some outsourcing partners could specialise in one specific location of online marketing instead of the whole bundle but getting a foothold in as many locations as possible need to be the try for any business.

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A History of Google

18 Apr

A short history of Google and its development from online search engine to tech titan.

Google has a monopoly over the online search engine market, details of its prominence array from having a 65 % to 80 % share of the search sector, however the Google brand name has come a long way ever since and it has now broadened to turned into one of the world’s most popular brand names.

The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin whilst at college (who still have around 16 % of the business) with the objective “to arrange the world’s instructions and make it universally accessible and helpful”.

Working as a search engine it fought off competitors from the likes of Ask Jeeves, Yahoo and more recently Bing.

Google’s rapid growth has triggered a range of items and acquisitions along the way, for example one of its significant acquisitions was YouTube in November 2006 for over one billion pounds, which indicated its intent to become more than a simple search engine.

Last year Google made around $50 billion dollars in revenue, a boost on the previous year.

The company is now far more than an online search engine.

It now offers a varied range of services;.

Google plus: This is the site’s attempt to make inroads in to the social media networking sector which is mostly controlled largely by Facebook and more recently Twitter. Google+ has actually made a substantial impact nevertheless and now it includes more than 500 million signed up individuals.

Gmail: As of June 2012, Google’s mail service is the most extensively utilized web-based email supplier with over 400 million individuals worldwide with a bigger capability than many of its competitors consisting of Hotmail.

Google also provides many various other services including an office suite and desktop computer services.

One of the more substantial advancement lately has actually been the business’s venture in to the tech market.

Google has now extended its services in to mobile innovation, with the development of the Android mobile operating system. Android mobile gadgets have made a substantial influence on the smartphone market although it is still inferior in regards to profits when compared with Apple.

The company now has its own product in the desktop and desktop computer market, the Chromebook runs on its own Google Chrome OS operating system and has actually become a popular and affordable product.

Google now leads the marketplace in establishing the first “augmented reality mounted display”, titled Google Glass. This head-mounted screen device will permit the user to link to a computer and the web without the have to use his/her hands.

This futuristic advancement is one of the first of its kind and signals Google’s objective to develop previously intangible modern technology. A useful blog for business and marketing

Are Interest-only loans the next PPI?

18 Apr

We’re all familiar with the much maligned payment protection insurance scandal with banks needing to set aside billion of pounds to pay back the general public, in what was a highly damaging and humiliating scandal for lots of monetary companies.

Customers were unnecessarily sold this kind of insurance and were often mis-informed as to the nature of the product, most of the customers did not require or need this kind of insurance.

Now financial experts are claiming that interest-only loans will be a financial scandal of similar proportions.

These loans, which include the borrower accepting to pay off the interest each month without the capital quantity.

Martin Wheatley. Previous supervisor of the Financial Solutions Authority (FSA) declares that these interest-only loans are a “ticking time bomb”. The FSA is typically held responsible for dealing with concerns against major financial services and controls the regulation that control the behavior of lending services.

The FSA runs separately from the government, although its members are appointed by the Treasury.

Many members of the public might be uninformed that they are entitled to a case if they were mis-sold this kind of loan or mis-informed about the process.

As a result lots of cases management companies have actually switched their focus from the mis-selling of PPI to the mis-selling of interest-only loans. Claims management business declare that customers/borrowers were not checked appropriately and it was not clarifies that clients would have the ways to repay the debt.

Cases management services are set to face an increase of cases this year as many clients may seek further guidance on the topic, it’s plausible that many people might have the chance to claim significant quantities of cash must they have a case.

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Is your Social Media Marketing strategy working?

17 Apr

Both SME and industry giants have to a large extent turned their attention (and financial investment) towards Social Media. Social network Marketing (or SMM) has actually become an industry of its own as a bi-product of marketing itself. Companies are convinced that Social Media will ultimately provide revenue, this is typically the case, there’s no disputing that SMM has remarkable potential to attract profits however importantly the technique has to be provided correctly.

Lately businesses hesitated to invest money and time in social media, now even the most stubborn “old-fashioned” business guy or woman will discover it tough to contest its capacity.

Data show only 6 % of companies believe SMM is a wild-goose chase that will not result in a Return on Financial investment (ROI).

In this post we’ll look at companies mindsets towards social networks in 2013 and what exactly makes an effective SMM method.

For example 64 % of companies are confident that their existing SMM strategy will provide a return on their financial investment. This implies that most of businesses in the twenty first century believe in the potential of social networks to market their products or services, they also believe that the strategy they are currently making use of will lead to income.

Plainly most businesses out there are confident, but how exactly can you measure the “success” of a social networks method? You’ll need to take many consider to account including;.

Sharing, forwarding, retweeting and commenting.
Check outs to your page.
Boosts in Sales.
General Brand awareness.

Luckily for you we’ve got some ideas to discover how effective your approach actually is.

Try gauging the effectiveness of your various social networks collectively and individually to see what strategy is helping you the most, exactly what’s producing the most traffic, profits and interaction. It’s possible you’ll get even more interaction from your 1000 Twitter followers than your 5000 Facebook followers for example.
Track the number of views to your website come through Social networking and the number of cause any sort of conversion.
Screen the behavior of your isolated social media traffic, explore how social media “leads” enter, explore and spend time on your page. Are they just passing by or researching exactly what your business delivers.

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4 Tips for Monetizing Mobile Apps

17 Apr

4 Tips for Monetizing Mobile Apps

Mobile App development is among the fastest expanding digital sectors, while this is true lots of companies are struggling to monetize the process. There are also lots of companies that struggle to find success throughout an array of platforms, this is why we’ve discovered four of the very best pointers to assist you make an app that’s both successful and produces an adequate quantity of revenue.

1. Know your operating system

It’s suggested that Apple are more stringent about their content and try to maintain a ‘squeaky-clean’ image, have a look at the recent controversy surrounding the Twitter Vine app for instance. Twitter entered to some difficulty with Apple for releasing an application that in turn, was being made use of for suspicious functions.

The Android store oftens be more lax with regards to content and monetization techniques, lots of businesses have discovered it more difficult to get their app published on the iOS market.

2. Be Patient

This is a subject we have covered extensively in a current blog, by monetizing your app right away without a sense of brand name recognition you run the risk of seriously restricting the amount of downloads and profits your app might produce in the future.

Consumers are extremely unlikely to invest cash in an item that they don’t depend on or acknowledge, by constructing an initial fan-base with a free app a company can substantially enhance their prospective profits in the future.

3. Retention Rates

Although various other markets could be more leniant with regards to app content, Apple has by far the highest retention rate, implying that a larger percentage of people visit their current mobile or switch over to an upgraded gadget instead of a gadget manufactured by a different company.

This indicates that Apple users are far more most likely to re-download their favorite app, indicating that apps that are developed on iOS will have more longevity and therefore in turn are most likely to produce more profits.

4. Know your Market

Prior to the development process, it’s a good idea to get a common sense of the market leaders. For example in the app games market the likes of Electronic Arts and Imaginative Mobile have the largest grossing items this is in big due to their track record as a current game company, so as you can see brand recognition can be an essential element in monetizing your mobile app.

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