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Are India’s outsourcing days numbered?

23 Apr

For a long period of time the private sector has been contracting out numerous of their services to India, which has been an idea ridiculed by British society.

The idea of ringing a helpline number years ago and being welcomed by a strong Indian accent would have been rather unusual for your typical individual in the UK. In the 21st century however, it is a common phenomena that’s frequently talked about in the media. Britons have actually become familiar with hearing unfamiliar accents when ringing a call center or seeking IT support.

The attraction for companies has actually been rather simple, lower labor expenses by contracting out to a nation that is extremely literate in the English language. Decades ago India would have been seen as something of a goldmine for companies, an unexplored region that had the potential to deal with customer services queries and IT support effectively.

Now the procedure has actually become saturated by businesses, by the media and by the public. Now that British society is aware of the idea, India’s initial tourist attraction is winding down. India is greatly becoming an unsightly prospect for companies in western society.

Although formerly thought to be financially rewarding for companies the idea of offshore outsourcing has never lacked its inefficiencies, consumers regularly become disappointed handling call centres thousands of miles away. Although many in India speak English to a high level there has always been a language barrier, a strong Glaswegian accent speaking with an employee from Mumbai for instance, will always be difficult for both parties.

Businesses have suffered too, it can be difficult and pricey for businesses to connect when there’s such a divide between nations.

This is not to say that workers in India are the trouble, it’s merely a case of proximity.

Now companies are asking whether the lowered labor expenses outweigh the potential difficulties associated with offshore outsourcing.

Offshore outsourcing, originally seen as a hidden key for businesses, has actually now become an unsightly prospect.

Outsourcing onshore, is becoming a special selling point in itself. It’s become a bragging point for companies to proclaim that their services are found within the UK, keeping things local also inspires an element of trust in the client and in possible business partners too.

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