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Three reasons to blog

22 Apr

Many companies have popular blog sites, if your business does not have a blog then I suggest you ought to read on.

Have you ever before wondered why companies urge time and resources to be spent routinely updating their blog sites?

Blogging actually came to prominence in the early days of the internet, initially as a method to provide a means to share unique ideas and info, this is still the case for blog writers and journalists alike.

There are numerous advantages to having a blog, we’ll look to describe some of the advantages in this blog …

1. SEO Rankings

Blogging Matters-Just ask Google

Unbeknownst to some people blogging can benefit your SEO rankings, Google wants to rank websites that regularly upgrade and contribute brand-new content.

Blogging is among the very best methods to do this, after all there is only so much you can edit and update static pages on your website without confusing the customer.

Google puts focus on keywords, through using a blog you can share details that targets these keywords in order to improve your position on a search engine’s SERPs.

Suggestion; Always keep in mind to SEO optimize your blog posts to target a keyword pertinent to your business.

2. Hook your audience

A blog offers your audience a reason to revisit your website, directing traffic to your page at the same time. Some will see your website purely to read the material on your blog, so bear this in mind.

3. Free Advertising

By building your credibility as a ‘blog writer’ you market yourself at the same time, being recognized as an author that contributes useful info can potentially increase your netowrk, in the process you’ll extend your network on websites like Google+, Twitter and Linkedin.

Blogging is cost-free, even if you’re not getting the kind of traffic you ‘d like, at least you’re adding pages and info to your site that will enhance the experience for the user.

Here’s a great example of a regularly updated blog with useful information > http://www.mintonlinemarketing.net/mint-blog/